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Writing for Heterotopias

Heterotopias is always looking for sharp, insightful, inventive and visually-minded writers to contribute to both the site and the zine.

Our focus is on game spaces and architecture, and the cultural context of games, but these shouldn’t be thought of as restrictive subjects. Instead they are guiding vectors, ways of angling the way we write about games so that we emerge from our investigations, with new, important, exciting and surprising things to share with the world. Feel free to interpret them creatively, but keep in mind that ideas should fit within the general subject fields of space, architecture and games.

It’s also worth saying that the best way to understand what Heterotopias is about, is to read us. Get a copy of the zine, or load up the front page, fix yourself a coffee and read.


Pitches to the site should be for short, focused pieces with a strong visual element (usually screenshots.) These studies should either be offering a novel, transformative perspective on a well-known game, or highlight the unique aspects of a lesser-known work. Usually fitting somewhere between 1000 and 2000 words, studies should either be on a timely game/artwork/subject, or they should be relevant to how we see and experience virtual space and architecture now.

Studies are paid.

Send pitches, with examples of previous writing/work and some indication that it is intended for the site to:


Articles for the zine are typically commissioned directly from writers, however there is always going to be space for an ambitious and compelling pitch.

Zine pieces are the heart of the Heterotopias project: Long form, often experimental or ambitious, carrying unique visual elements such as maps, photography and diagrams, and, of course, sharply critical. We are not looking to simply lavish praise on games with beautiful worlds, replicating their vistas with uncritical screenshots. Instead we seek to unearth the ideologies, aesthetic legacies, personal resonances, real-world histories and political positions of the strange, multiplicitous and ever-changing spaces of games.

Appropriate pieces for the zine are ones that have been worming away at the back of your head for years, those projects that seemed too odd, too cerebral, too complex to be pitched into the daily content grind of the internet. Heterotopias is a space for this work, to give it the bespoke design, careful editorial tending and page space it needs to grow.

Zine pitches don’t need to be timely, but they should be relevant, the question will always be asked, why this? Why now?

At Heterotopias we also believe that not everything can be said with text. The visual aspects of a zine piece are never simply illustrations or pretty palette cleansers; they are a core part of the argument. We want writers to understand this, but also to understand that we are happy to collaborate and help out those who have the visual ideas, but who aren’t confident in the implementation.

There is also space in the zine for purely visual/diagrammatic and experimental work. Real boundary-pushing stuff. But it has to be really (and we mean really) good.

Zine work is paid at an appropriately higher rate than studies.

Send pitches, with examples of previous writing/work and some indication that it is intended for the zine to:

Heterotopias is committed to paying for good writing and to challenging preconceptions about who should be writing about games and how they should be doing it. We actively support diverse viewpoints and diverse identities. Don’t be afraid to pitch us your ideas.