Issue 001 discusses the worlds and architecture of four games, from the darkly poetic laboratories of Playdead’s Inside to the cultural fantasy of Tomb Raider’s buried chambers.


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Issue 001’s central feature looks back at Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days singular vision of Shanghai, with a visual exploration that uses 35mm film photography to try to capture both its urban language and the distorted, camera-eye the player experiences it through. A conversation with the game’s Art Director, Rasmus Poulsen provides new insight into the process of making the game and an understanding of how the game captures a Shanghai that no longer exists.

001 also features guest writing from Darran Anderson, author of Imaginary Cities and acclaimed writer on culture, technology and politics through urbanism, as well as Chris Priestman, who runs curation website Warp Door, and writes regularly for The Guardian, Edge, and Gamasutra.


Heterotopias’ examination of movement and the delineation of space within the brilliant game Inside is both beautiful and illuminating, revealing (as criticism should) more angles of endearment for a thing we already love.”

-Harvey Smith, Co-creative Director, Arkane Studios

Heterotopias is a smart and beautiful zine, the meeting point between Foucault and video games I never knew I wanted”

-Martin Robinson, Features Editor, Eurogamer.

“What’s being created here is the long-awaited body of work to bind architecture and video games—firmly, finally—as twin studies of the play of forms under light.”

-Nick Capozzoli, Architect and freelance videogame critic